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I started personal training with Dave over 7 years ago…I had always done cardio exercise but this was my first time working out with a trainer. He introduced me to balance, flexibility, agility, and strength training while paying close attention to my form, providing encouragement and positive feedback.  Dave knows just how much to push towards your limit so that it is challenging yet rewarding! He designs personal 5-week programs that allow you to maintain, enhance, and even master each element. Dave is flexible and readily switches things up to ease you back in to your training after an illness or vacation. He  is knowledgeable, patient, and consistently motivating! Dave’s new studio, Revive, has state-of-the-art fitness equipment. It is ideal for working out: spacious, uncluttered, and well-designed. Stop in and sign on, it will be one of the best things you can do for yourself!! - D.G.

Progressive, Intelligent, Effective, Highly-Focused.  Dave's knowledge of Human Anatomy & Physiology coupled with his tailored programs, make the personal training sessions challenging and stimulating !!!!!!  - M.B.

My experience with my trainer, Dave, goes back at least 4 years and I am one of his newer clients. What stands out most for me is that Dave is very encouraging and highly-motivating.  The reason I come back time and time again is his personal touch. When you work-out with him, there is a program designed specifically for you (no cookie cutter programs at Revive.) If my shoulder hurts, he has a program just for that!  He adjusts the programs as needed.  I do not like to exercise, but with Dave it's more manageable and  fun! It's gotten to the point where I actually miss Revive when I have to cancel a session!  Dave cares about his clients and I wouldn't go anywhere else! - Holly Gamble

Whether you’re looking to make a fitness/lifestyle change, improve your overall strength, agility, balance and stamina--- or up your “game”, Dave Walsh, owner of Revive Personal and Sports Training, is a professional who will collaborate  closely with you  to develop a balanced exercise plan that is customized to your goals and your current fitness level.


I have been travelling more than 30 minutes from Morris/Essex County for more than 12  years to train with Dave when he was employed by another Personal Training studio until he has now opened his own fitness business in Springfield in September of 2017.


While there certainly are other options for me that have been much closer to  home or the office, Dave’s genuine interest, patience , positive attitude, and professional commitment  make the extra travel for me well worth the effort. I had trained with a  number of other competent, skilled individuals until I began working  with Dave.  But now, I would not even consider it.


Dave’s new training facility reflects his passion for his clients to exercise and improve their fitness on cardio/resistance equipment and free weights in an environment that is supportive, motivating , stress- reducing and energizing .


 If you are someone who struggles with motivation to exercise, try a few sessions working with Dave- you’ll be hooked!! - Steve G.

Dave has spent over 27 years in the health and fitness field.  Along with his credentials, expert training  and experience, he brings a special "bedside manner" to his work.  Dave is gentle, compassionate and enthusiastic.  He takes a personal interest in each one of his clients.


I've been training with Dave since 2006 -- for twelve years.  At our sessions together we work on muscular strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular endurance.  Six months ago, I celebrated my 85th birthday, and -- thanks to Dave -- I look and feel at least 10 years younger! -Joan Bowman

Years ago I decided it was time to get serious about exercise; however, I found myself somewhat intimidated by the gym.   I was clueless about how to use most of the machines or even what the best exercises were for my body and age.  So I signed up for 10 sessions with a personal trainer – thinking once I learned the machines, I could go off on my own to the gym.

Well, 15 years later, I’m still with the same personal trainer.  Dave has set up programs that challenge me while always taking into account various issues - my shoulder, lower back pain, etc.  Actually, on days when one or the other ailment is acting up, I’d rather skip the workout but  I know that when I get to the gym, Dave will  have the best exercises to get me moving again AND pain free.

The added incentive -  a brand new spotless studio!  It makes the whole experience that much better! -PBM

I highly recommend Revive Personal and Sports Training and specifically Dave Walsh for Personal Training. I have worked with Dave for over 15 years and followed him to 3 different Personal Training Studios!! He is outstanding. He will help you succeed at your health and fitness goals. He’s very knowledgeable about training different types of people. I personally am a tennis player and he focuses on core strength, flexibility, balance and agility with me. I know he is skilled in tailoring workouts for other athletes, such as football, soccer, basketball and baseball players, etc.!  He also works with non-athletes. Dave is excellent with clients who are just starting out looking to improving their overall fitness, as well as those aiming to maintain their cardiovascular endurance and muscle tone! Safety is a huge priority for Dave. He will make sure that you consistently use the proper techniques and He is very good at striking a balance of pushing you to work hard but not to the point of over-exertion/injury! Dave trains all ages. He is a great motivator and always finds the positives. He consistently takes the "cup half-full approach" when training His Clients. As for the Revive facilities, every piece of equipment in the entire  facility is brand new!! In addition, the studio is kept extremely clean and highly organized. I can’t say enough positive things about Dave and Revive! You should visit His New Studio and see for Yourself!! -Elizabeth Clark

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